Note from the video producer:

"This is a video that my uncle and I shot in 1988 to document the numerous steel works in Pittsburgh's Monongahela Valley. By 1988, most of these old and famous steel mills had been closed and were awaiting demolition. In fact, within a couple of years, most of these works were torn down, so very little evidence of these once-great manufacturing plants remains. My uncle did the graphics for the video, doing his best to interpret my place names. However, the titles include a few misspellings (Carey Furnaces rather than Carrie Furnaces, and Edgar Thompson rather than Edgar Thomson, for example). Unfortunately, Uncle Jim passed away soon after this video was made, and only he knew how to operate the Amiga software. I apologize for those inaccuracies. I hope you enjoy this trip through the history of our Mon Valley."

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