Biofuels present some significant challenges when specifying seals, as their chemical make-up can affect the sealing integrity of elastomers. Standard laboratory tests indicate that typical FKM and FVMQ compounds are compatible with biofuels. However, when sealing materials are tested in conditions reproducing those seen in service, it becomes evident that specialized formulations are required to ensure integrity and long service life.

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions has been working with the automotive manufacturers since biofuel technology was in its infancy. Recognizing the issues in finding the right seals for biofueling systems, it conducted in-depth research on the suitability of sealing formulations in biofuel mixtures. The company evaluated the compatibility of typical automotive biofuels for both diesel and gasoline engines, with various fuel system sealing compounds, focusing on hardness, stress-strain and volume swelling.

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