Nice guys (and gals) actually do finish first. It's not just a matter of what you do, but of what you think and how you make others feel. Tim Sanders will help you deal with psychological warriors in your life. In this program, Tim shows you how you can take charge of your life and learn to like others and make room for their emotions. It's the key to building and maintaining great relationships throughout your life.

Bestselling author and speaker Tim Sanders talks about: The impact of likeability on your life, health, and success; The four questions everyone asks about you; Inoculating yourself against unfriendliness; The critical importance of authenticity.

Having worked with companies as varied as Yahoo!, The Limited and Ford Motors, Tim Sanders knows the importance of likeability both in life and in business. His first book, Love is the Killer App, became an international best-seller, and his most recent work, The Likeability Factor, was the basis for PBS and 20/20 specials.

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