This documentary is about globalization as it applies to the automobile industry. Globalization, as the video creators defined it, is the expansion of markets across the world so that we have access to the rest of the world's resources. It enables us to move goods and services faster, cheaper, and more efficiently. The video compares Henry Ford's assembly line to modern-day ones. In modern assembly lines, human workers have been replaced by robots.

The video also discusses consumer behavior - more specifically, why people buy certain brands of cars. To do this, the video creators interviewed Auburn University students and asked them what they look for when buying a car and why they chose their current one. They also talked about how foreign cars manifest themselves in the United States and vice versa. They visited a foreign (Toyota) car dealership and a domestic one (Ford) to find out more about the manufacturing and construction process. They asked them about their customers and what they feel drives most people to buy their products. They also discussed advertising strategies.

The use of the Internet and television commercials has enabled car manufacturers to connect directly to their consumers.

This documentary was meant to illustrate that, due to globalization, the automobile industry is all interconnected. As a group, this documentary has opened eyes to globalization and, hopefully, it will educate others about how globalization affects our society and why it is important.
Access this 9-minute, 10-second video by clicking on the link below.