Do equipment issues in your facility lengthen lead-times, reduce productivity, increase downtime, inflate maintenance costs and frustrate your employees? If so, you're not alone. But, you're also not without hope.

In this installment of the Lean Training Video Series, brought to you by Bruce Hamilton and the GBMP team and narrated by TPM expert John Kravontka, you will learn the four phases of Total Productive Maintenance. As you watch the full 35-minute video, you will learn to see the invisible wastes that destroy your equipments productivity and the methodology that will set you on the path to zero equipment stoppages.

Using graphic examples, TPM: Tapping the Hidden Capacity of Your Equipment demonstrates that our equipment typically runs at shockingly low productivity rates, resulting from breakdowns, setups, idling, minor stoppages, startup losses, and defect production and explains the drawbacks of running in breakdown mode. If 95 out of 100 maintenance jobs are fixing something after it breaks and those jobs cost ten times more than preventative efforts, imagine how much you can save with a program of planned maintenance. Ideas like proper lubrication, contamination prevention, daily inspection, equipment visuals, maintenance history, skills matrices, lubrication excellence, and standardized work are all put in clear, straightforward terms for your whole team to understand.

In true GBMP style, TPM creates a series of a-ha moments in the mind of the viewer bringing us to the understanding that we have a variety of opportunities to eliminate the waste from our maintenance processes. As you begin to put these ideas into action, youll see your measures for safety, productivity and quality all move in the right direction. This is the 10x power of TPM. Do one thing and get 10 results. That's what makes TPM and this video a very powerful lean tool.

Access this 5-minute, 20-second video by clicking on the link below.